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The walking, squawking and snarling $250 Jurassic World robot raptor that can you can try and train

Mattel has released an interactive roboraptor based on Blue from Jurassic World
The $250 toy lets users play with, pet and train the dino with a remote controller
It walks, squawks and snarls just like a real raptor and is packed with new tricks
The raptor is now available for pre-order on Amazon and will ship in October
Mattel has succeeded in (almost) bringing dinosaurs back from extinction.



The toy giant has revealed its $250 ‘Alpha Training Blue’ robot velociraptor toy that users can play with, pet and train with a remote controller, just like Chris Pratt in the ‘Jurassic World’ movies.

It walks, squawks and snarls just like a real raptor and is packed with loads of tricks so that users never get bored.
Alpha Training Blue is fully interactive, containing sensors in the chin and head that respond to human touch.

She’s not as dangerous as Blue, the female velociraptor in Jurassic World, however.




She won’t bite your fingers off should you cozy up to her.

When you give the raptor a pet on the head, she’ll close her eyes and wiggle her body in response.

Seven motors and numerous points of articulation make her movements and animation surprisingly realistic.

Alpha Training Blue can walk around and scare off predators, while her every move can be controlled – right down to the way her eyes shift, open and close.
Users can choose from four different modes of play with Alpha Training Blue, including ‘Training Mode,’ ‘Guard Mode,’ ‘RC Mode’ and ‘Total Control Mode.’

The controller is used to switch between modes.


When a new mode is selected, it’s indicated by lights on the controller.

In Training Mode, users are supposed to teach Blue new tricks using the accelerometer-equipped controller, which enables her to mimic your movements.
‘You can give her treats, reward Blue by petting her, and move her using responsive motion commands,’ Mattel explained.

‘As you train, you unlock levels and her behavior improves.’

Users must keep training Blue consistently, or she’ll forget everything she’s learned.

The toy is equipped with an internal clock that winds down over the course of a month.


If she’s been stowed away in a closet for too long, users will have to start from scratch and teach her tricks all over again.

Blue can also be trained to scare off predators in Guard Mode.

When any ‘prey’ comes close within a foot of her motion sensors, the controller will vibrate.

Users can set custom commands to warn intruders, based on how much they’ve trained her.
She can growl or snap at intruders, or let out a more approachable yip, depending on what you choose.

In RC Mode, the controller’s joystick can be used to drive and move the dinosaur forward, backward and side to side.

Total Control Mode lets users ‘decide how Blue comes to life’ by controlling her mouth, eye, head and body movements.


Blue is also equipped with a microphone that notifies her of any nearby sounds.

Mattel includes a guide book to help users train their dinosaur, but most of the skills require users to memorize certain combos, clicks and moves to get it just right.

The controller will display a red light and slight buzz if the user does the wrong move.

Users can get up to an hour of play out of a single battery charge. The toy also comes with a battery charger and a USB cord that can be connected to a computer to download bug fixes and software updates.

Alpha Training Blue is now available for pre-order via Amazon and Mattel says it should ship to consumers in October.




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